108 Smoothie Variations for Lowering Blood Pressure

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108 Smoothie Variations for Lowering Blood Pressure


“The Silent Killer”

“The Silent Killer” known as high blood pressure is an epidemic in our nation today. There are no warning signs and most people who have high blood pressure do not even realize it.

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Blood pressure cuff

There are medications prescribed but have unpleasant and unhealthy side effects. Aside from medications what you eat and drink has a high impact on blood pressure as well.


The “DASH Diet” Book talks about foods and food combinations that play a huge role in lowering blood pressure. It is not just the foods we eat, but the combination of food that we eat. Many foods are good, but when you pare certain foods together the benefit is much more efficient.

 Suggested foods rich in natural chemicals

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The Prevention Magazine came out with a little advise on foods rich in anthocyanin antioxidants, dietary nitrates, potassium, and probiotics. The combination of these natural chemicals can attribute to lowering blood pressure.

Here is a chart of suggested nutrients:


1/2 c frozen wild blueberries                  1/2 c frozen bing cherries                   1/2 c frozen strawberries                      1 c hibiscus tea


1 c arugula                                                   1 c baby spinach                                  1/2 c rhubarb diced                                   1 c beetroot juice


1 ripe banana                                             1/2 ripe avocado                                 1/2 c mashed sweet potato                     1 c coconut water


1/2 c 2% Greek yogurt                          1/2 c cultured 2% cottage cheese       4oz. tempeh, cooked and sliced             1 c kombucha


 “Natural chemicals in produce that lower blood clot and stroke risk, according to two new studies. Bacteria in our mouths convert nitrates to nitrites, which are then turned into nitric oxide, a molecule that increases blood flow. Note: Natural nitrates aren’t the same as synthetic ones, in processed meats, which may be carcinogenic.”” April 2015 Prevention magazine, pg 20

Smoothies, 108 Variations

Take one ingredient from each category and mix together in a blender. Choose only one liquid per smoothie.  You can create many smoothie variations that will help reduce blood pressure.


Do the combinations work?  I have been drinking a smoothie a day now for two months and for myself, my school nurse has been very impressed with the results of my tests. She checks my pressure once a week and it has improved.  I can not tell you that it will help you, but it does not hurt to take on the challenge. It is healthy and tasty as well.

My favorite so far has been the strawberries, rhubarb, banana, and kombucha.  Try it and share with me what your favorite might be.


108 Smoothie Variations for Lowering Blood Pressure


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