8 Reasons for Personal Development

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8 Reasons for Personal Development


8 Reasons for Personal Development

45 Be Grateful for Personal Development

  1. Improve your life style
  2. Learn to find friends who will enhance your life style
  3. Develop Self Confidence
  4. Gain an understanding of other people
  5. Learn to develop healthy habits one step at a time
  6. Know it is all right to take charge of your life, rather than letting life take charge of you
  7. Improve your ability to communicate with other people
  8. Accept and respect yourself for who you are

Trending phrase – “Personal Development”

Personal Development has become a trending phrase the last few years.

Why is it so important?

What has made it a focus in trainings around the world?

Why are people paying good money to read and learn about personal development?

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Personal Development and Respect

As society changes, expectations change. Sometimes these changes are not always for the best. It seems when children grow up in a home of extreme control, they raise their children the opposite.

The last several years many people in our society lack the social and etiquette practices in the 40′s and 50′s, or even back further. Back then people showed respect in many areas, such as: gentlemen opening doors for women, helping women with their coats,taking off hats in establishments, addressing others using “sir” and “Ma’am”, children not speaking unless spoken to, children showing respect to the adults in their lives.

When the women’s movement came to be, women were not as accepting of men practicing the social respect of opening doors, helping on with coats, etc. Many women wanted to be treated as equals among men, rather than the “weaker gender.” Children were rebelling against adults who became threatening and were not afraid to voice their opinions any more. Spanking and discipline for bad choices and unwanted behavior changed to verbal language. Physical abuse could be just pointing a finger and threatening a spanking. Consequences were not very harsh and the law almost made it easier for bad choices to go unpunished.

I do not believe in abuse, but I do believe in consequences that are uncomfortable enough for a child to want to make good choices not poor ones. I also do not believe in verbal abuse, and believe that there are ways of wording consequences so others can understand that it was not them, but their actions that need to be punished.

When the taking off of hats and other practices slowly came to an end, showing respect also began to die down. It also became easier to cry out “abuse” and walk away from unpleasant situations, instead of being forced to take care of issues and work them through. Granted some situations are very difficult to sort out, but many are resolvable. It seems the easy way out is the chosen one today.

While growing up my mother taught my brother the graces among his friends who were girls by having him practice on her. She also taught us as girls to accept the social graces boys would bestow upon us. We did not feel it a threat or a putting down on who we were, but only a form of respect.

Important Issue – Personal Development

Personal Development has become important because it has become an issue. People need to learn again how to show compassion, caring, and the fine social graces that make an upstanding citizen. The good character traits need to be taught in the home as well as in schools.  Children learn from the examples of important people in their lives, namely their parents and other important family members. Teachers can be good examples but it is the family who ultimately trains the young children.

Of course, society often dictates people behavior, but many are now realizing that some behaviors are better than others, and the better ones are not taught on a daily basis at home like they used to be. Now it has created a great market for those interested in teaching and sharing Personal Development.


8 Reasons

8 reasons for personal development are listed at the top of this article. I will go over each one in a different post. I will pass on what I have learned and what I have now allowed to be a part of my lifestyle. I would be interested in hearing other opinions, so please feel free to add comments that would help others concerning these topics.

I will post only comments that relate to this article and what this discussion is. I get many comments from other articles but the comments do not even relate to my posts, they are advertisements.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to learning from you as well.

8 Reasons for Personal Development

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