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Teaching in elementary music is fun and rewarding, and can be challenging as well. We have a resource room with children who are mentally and emotionally challenged. It is their right to participate in all of the activities of the other students who are not challenged whether their ability is able to handle the activity or not. Sometimes the behavior can be a little disturbing to the other students.

What I love about classroom students is they are very forgiving and loving once they know and understand a situation. I believe the challenging children are more difficult for the teachers to show patience than the students. I have witnessed many a student helping and encouraging the more challenged students. I swell up with pride knowing what great character our children in this school portray.

This year the resource teacher approached me and asked if I would direct an adaptive music class once a week for just the resource children. It took me back for a moment as I do not have a lot of experience working with disabled children. Then I took a step back and remembered most of their behavior in the classroom with their peers. Many of the lessons are difficult for them but they do the best they can to keep up. I agreed to develop a curriculum in which these students could enjoy and maybe grow from.

The internet is a wonderful place for lots of information. I am in the process of studying different places now. Next week will be the first adaptive music class and I do want to be prepared so it will be an enjoyable experience for the students and the aids. That is the saving grace, the aids and workers come in and help with the students who need to be accompanied. I am nervous beginning this endeavor, but I believe it will be an enlightening experience and help me to grow as a music instructor.

It is important we seek challenges in our lives and jobs to keep us charged and alive. Help someone today and enjoy.


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