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Life is one big adventure. When I move from one place to another or try a different avenue of income to supplement what I am already doing, I view that as a new chapter in my book of life.

Every day can be an adventure and a new chapter.

In this chapter I am attempting to improve myself, so I can be a better person in helping other people as well as helping me. This journey takes me to reading material that inspires me and gives me road maps to success and happiness. I am in the process of reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It is not a new book, it was first copyrighted in 1936. The information is not new either, but written in a very detailed manner which is easy to follow and digest.

My father was a man who loved politics and studied people. I remember him reading this book and strongly suggesting that all of us would benefit from the material as well. Of course, being young children at the time we just laughed at him. As I read the book now, I see the wisdom of it’s words and can visualize how my father lived his life.

Tuesday was registration day for my 15 year old grand daughter. I am her legal guardian at this time so it was important that I attended school registration with her. She will be a sophomore in high school and should have claimed her classes last spring, but due to a long illness she was not able to be at school the day her peers registered.

We registered her on-line and paid her fees, then waited in line to see a counselor who could help her fill in her classes. As we waited in line she became impatient and upset for being there. It was time for us to sit and immediately she displayed a rude behavior for this patient woman who was helping us. As the process was half way through, I was very embarrassed for my grand daughters behavior and complimented this wise woman as to her patience and understanding. When we finished I again acknowledged how grateful I was for her help. I made sure my compliments were genuine and sincere. She was appreciative of my kindness as I was of hers.

These are the small things we do for others in building relationships and Dale Carnegie covers these small things beautifully in his book. I strongly suggest to every one to find a copy and enrich your selves with these words of wisdom.

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