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Babysitting is a job most young girls my age back then did. Mom always said, “If you clean their home and watch the children, they will always call you back.”  Mom taught all of us very good work ethics.

While babysitting it was fun playing with the children.  Many times I had to feed them supper, bath them, and put them to bed.  There were about four different families who I babysat for on a regular basis.  I loved it when the young girls took turns combing my hair, but sometimes I did not think I would have any hair left.

When the kids went to bed, I worked fast and hard at washing dishes, folding clothes and making sure everything was picked up.  Late at night when everything was done it would be so scarey.  A different home has different sounds and was spooky.  We did not have the luxury of cell phones and there were not many TV stations late at night.  I did not like that part of babysitting. I tried everything I could do to stay awake and alert until the parents came home, but sometimes fatigue overcame me and my eyes would close.

Babysitting taught me that I did not want to have children very soon after graduating from high school.  I wanted to be free for awhile.

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