Believe in Yourself – Improve Your Lifestyle

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Believe in Yourself – Improve Your Lifestyle

Believe in Yourself – Improve Your Lifestyle

The first step to improve your lifestyle is learning to believe in yourself.

Growing up many children, including us, heard comments such as: “you will never amount to anything”, “you can not do anything right”, “you are so clumsy”  and many more.

Those comments are very negative, and when heard too many times actually become a reality because our self-conscious mind learns to believe.

We Learn To Believe

In the 4th grade I began piano lessons.  Playing the piano seemed fun and exciting. Practicing was not so fun though and neither was my instructor, who also happened to be my band director in the 5th grade. He was frustrated with the way I was not learning and told my mother I was unteachable. A mental block for learning this particular instrument, any for that matter, was placed into my sub-conscious.

The fifth grade year and beginning band gave me an opportunity to learn a different instrument. I chose flute. It took me 3 years, thousand hours of practice time, and finally, mom allowing me to take private lessons, to successfully make a sound. I was very determined to not allow my band directors view  prevent me from doing something I wanted to do.

Today I am a music teacher and I am very careful what I say to my students when they are having a challenge. I will not place a miss guided belief into their young minds.

Through experience I have learned to overcome a belief that was placed into my young being. I learned you can do anything you want if you really work at it. You must learn to really believe in yourself.  When you believe in yourself and what you know you can do if you want to, then the world becomes yours.

Believe for Better Lifestyle

What sort of lifestyle are you desiring.

Once you determine the lifestyle you want and desire, it becomes much easier to create that.

Do you want more money, better home, healthier being, more satisfying relationships?  It is very important to list what you desire to improve on. Once you do, take each desire one step at a time.

Work on one aspect every day for 30 days and it will become a habit and a step in improvement.


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Deutsch: Lifestyle-Oranic LOGO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you desire a better body for a better lifestyle then figure out the steps you must take to make that happen.

For instance:

  • Exercise:  aerobic and weight
  • Better diet
  • More sleep
  • Yoga

Exercise alone can be a chore. So decide to ride a bicycle everyday for 30 minutes for 1 month. At the end of the month bike riding will become a habit. When you search for friends to ride with it actually becomes fun and satisfying.

Fast walking is just as healthy as running or jogging. Find friends to go with for 30 minutes a day for 1 month. After a month you might want to walk 60 minutes.

For dieting, change one food or beverage for every day one month. If you are a soda pop drinking, switch to water or tea. You will find a big difference in the way you look and feel.

Improve Your Lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle is not so difficult when you believe in yourself.

Share with us what you have done to improve your lifestyle and what you have come to believe.

Believe in Yourself – Improve Your Lifestyle


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