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Changing the way we live, eat, think and play is a very difficult thing to do.

Most of us do not welcome change even if it is for our best. Habits are very difficult to break, from the way we brush our teeth to the kind of gum we like to chew or which hand we use to maneuver the mouse for our computer.

Challenge yourself.

Just for the fun of it and to even out my body sides, I have challenged myself to work the computer mouse with my left hand, I am right handed. I have almost ordered things I did not want and clicked on items I was not interested in and finally I accidentally installed something that was not supposed to be there. I stuck it out for a couple of weeks though and my left hand is beginning to listen to my brain.

On the way home from work one day I decided to try a different scenic route. It was an eye opener. There were a lot of things I had not noticed before, new stores going up, houses being torn down, roads changing. I now  make it a challenge to drive different paths to and from my destinations.

Wild Mouse (Idlewild)

Wild Mouse (Idlewild) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Motivate yourself

We all have human drives which push us into action and encourage us to make our lives better. Most of us would like to make our lives better, but do not have the drive strong enough to motivate us into actually doing something.

A friend suggested a book, “The Charge”, by Brendon Burchard. He writes about the human drives that will actually get you up and going. I have just begun this journey into the words this author has put down and I am looking forward to reading what he has to offer.

When I am really motivated I will share what I have learned and what I am doing to truly make changes that will make my life come alive.

Have a great day and wake up to do something inspiring today.

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