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The summer I graduated from high school I was hired as a cook at a small home town cafe. It was a lot of fun.  The cafe was not so busy that I could not learn.  I learned how to cook up good french fries, make hamburgers to customers satisfaction, fry up a great steak.

The owners made pies of all kinds.  My favorite was the gooseberry pie. The wife was eager to teach me her art of pie making.

The longer I worked there the more the owners trusted me.  They taught me how to make breakfasts and how to open the cafe in the early morning. They also taught me how to close up the cafe late at night.  Sometimes in the late evening when business was slow I would bake a few loaves of bread and leave them out on the counter top for the owners the next morning.  They enjoyed that and I liked to please them.

The summer ended and I went off to college, but the next summer they let me come back to work the summer again.  In the window there was a sign that read: Teri is back!!  That really boosted my ego.  I was cooking breakfast one morning and a customer shouted loud enough for me to hear: “Teri must be back, this is the best breakfast I have had in a long time.”  The customer was my dads first cousin and worked next door.

It was a job I learned to love and I enjoyed all of the customers who came into eat.  For a while there two of my sisters worked as waitresses and we were able to work together. I believe the cafe is still in my small home town, but the owners have passed on. I do not know if the cafe stayed in the family or not, but I have very fond memories.

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