Custodial – Great job for a college student

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Custodial work, great job for a college student.

Looking for work is not always easy when you do not have much of an education.  It is even more difficult when you are a full time student and needing to work. Juggling the time frame becomes important and job seeking is narrowed down.

There are many Custodial positions at night, however.

The night time opportunity led me to a custodialposition while attending Utah State University. There was a small company looking for students to do a variety of


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cleaning. This business contracted with many places.

While working there I cleaned a few offices in a complex. One evening a gentleman was working late. He reprimanded me for working and not being in school. I used to look almost 10 years younger than my real age and he thought I was a high school drop out. I informed him I was in my third year of college and was trying to pay for my education. He apologized and applauded me for working so hard.

There were three of us working for this company. During this particular year there was a need for cleaners to travel up to Rexburg, Idaho and clean an apartment building. Our company bid and received the job. We found sleeping bags and drove up north in a cleaning van. We were there all weekend cleaning up after college students. Rexburg, Idaho is a college town and most apartments were designated for college students.

There were workers repairing different fixtures at the same time we were cleaning. My job was to clean the bathrooms. I started at the top floor and worked my way down. At the end of the day I went back up to inspect my work. To my dismay I found urine in a couple of my clean toilets. I was not happy and shouted down the stairwell, “Who keeps dirtying my toilets?” After expressing my dismay, the workers took the hint and started flushing.

Back in Logan, Utah my schooling picked up. This cleaning business was going down hill and I felt a need to move on. The decision was a good one. I was able to get a pay check before the company went belly up.

It was a good learning experience. Cleaning is something I have always enjoyed. If you do it right you can make pretty good money.

Custodial work is a good business but there are other ways as well.

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Have a great day.



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