Farenheit 451 – Good Book

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Farenheit 451 – Good Book

Farenheit 451



1.  Quality of Information

2.  Leisure to digest it

3.  The right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the 1st two.

               —Fahrenheit 451

Self Development tools never change!!

When I read what Faber and told Montag in the powerful book “Farenheit 451″ it was very empowering to me.

In my quest of self development and self improvement I have heard, listened, and read those words of wisdom often by many other great leaders.

I would have never sought this book to read by Ray Bradbury, but I am in a reading group with other teachers at my school and this was the suggested book for this month. I started reading it and was struck by the similarities in that book as to what is actually taking place today. This book is a book I would own (and will, the one I read was checked out from the library) and read over and over again.

In my search for images I noticed there were images from a movie.  My assumption is this book was developed into a movie.  I am not sure a movie could do it justice though. There were  many underlying emotional and self improvement traits and feelings that were implied, that could only be transferred by words.

I also felt the book read like poetry.  The writing and the emotional feelings were so well portrayed. It was an excellent choice of book to read.

When I read the book I knew I had to share it.  I am sure many people have read this, but I felt a stirring to share what I gleaned from these great words. You too can share your feelings on different things you read and do.


A Good Book, Worth Every Word Written

Another phrase I felt worthy of bringing up in this powerful book:  “That’s the good part of dying; when you’ve nothing to lose – you run any risk you want!” (Farenheit 451)

Why would you want to take a risk if you know it is a good one, only if you think you are dying.  If you know the risk you are taking is for a good cause, then you should find the courage to do it any way.

Many of us today are working hard to improve our situations, whether it be financially, emotionally, or spiritually.  If you find something that will work or even think it might work and it is a very good cause, then go for it.  Life is too short to avoid causes and ways of improvement.  Really, if things are down and out, what do you have to lose.

Search and seek those who have what you want and then watch them and copy them. You can even go to those people and ask for advise, rather than standing in the back ground resenting them for having what you want.  Many of those people worked hard to get to where they are and most are willing to fill you in on their journey.


Copy Others Until You can Stand On Your Own

Faber had Montag put a bug in his ear so he could guide him and direct him.  Montag was skeptical though and commented, “When do I think for myself? When do I start working things out on my own?”

Faber encouraged him and told him he already was.  But Montag again mentioned that the fire marshal told him what to do and now Faber.  He also questioned “How do I know what to believe?”

That question struck home with me.  My father was a reader of everything. Dad was always working on self development and improvement.  He read the best of the best and was interested in keeping his mind open to all possibilities.  He always warned us as children, to not believe every thing we read, see, or hear.  He said gather as much information as you can then base your opinions on what you think.  Pretty much that is what Faber schooled Montag to do.

I am always searching for things to listen to, watch and read.

It is all right to hold on to some one’s arm as you learn – then when your confidence builds you will be able to figure things out alone.

Never be afraid to seek out and search.


Use the Knowledge You Find and Put It To Good Use

Use the knowledge you find and put it to good use to improve yourself and help others along the way.  Life is so much better when we share joys and accomplishments with others.



I look forward to your comments and what you think of “Farenheit 451″.

Farenheit 451 – Good Book


Teri Wallis, Legal Shield Associate




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