First job

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We have all had a variety of jobs in our life times.  Some were fun, some were not, some were exciting, some were dull, some were invigorating, some were boring.

My first job I was around 9 years old.  We lived on a ranch and about 4 miles down the highway was our church house.  It was a pretty large building.  The chapel was upstairs from the foyer and the classrooms were downstairs from the foyer.  There was a gymnasium used for basketball games, wedding receptions, ward parties, etc. and a stage at the end.  On either side of the stage were boy and girl dressing rooms and a kitchen.

A gentleman in or ward who had physical disabilities was the custodian.  Clean a large building was a daunting task for him.  He inquired of my mother if her girls (4 of us) were interested in helping him once a week with some chores.  Of course, mother wanting to teach us work ethics, said, “Of course.”  We took turns riding our bikes in the summer to the ward.  We went in pairs because we were young enough to feel uncomfortable working with a man by ourselves.

We vacuumed the chapel, swept floors, cleaned bathrooms, and washed windows.  We felt we worked hard. At the end of our first shift, we were anxious to see what our pay was going to be.  We were excited to be able to have some extra money.  We received a small brown paper bag each.  The bag was filled with a few pieces of candy and fifty cents.  It was not too bad for us.  My favorite candy was the black licorice stick.  I could make that last for hours.  My sisters were not too excited about that licorice so they would share theirs with me.  While I relished my treat they did not want to be too close to me because my breath smelled so black.  It was such a delight.

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