How To Feel Safe And Secure-Get Affordable Legal Help

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How To Feel Safe And Secure-Get Affordable Legal Help

Many people do not call a lawyer for legal help even if they need one.

Why not?

Most people can not afford the legal fees. Lawyers charge a couple of hundred dollars an hour.

If a dispute arises that is a hundred dollars or less who would pay for an attorney, even if you are in the right?


Here Are a Few Top Legal Issues People Are Faced With

  • Will Preparation
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Signing of Documents (any kind of document, i.e.: purchasing a car, rental agreement, home buying, etc.)
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Car Accident
  • Marriage
  • Set Up a Trust
  • Identity Theft
  • Bankruptcy
  • Legal Action by a Creditor
  • Property Damage
  • Pet Causes Injury
  • Sued By a Tenant
  • Faulty Merchandise

How many of the above issues have you been faced with?

Do you know friends and family that have had to deal with different legal issues?


There is a need for every one to be able to afford legal help.

It seems the ones who are getting help are the ones with the money, but what about most normal people who do not have the funds to spend on an expensive lawyer.

A study commissioned by LegalShield, titled The Legal Needs of American Families, showed that while many experienced a legal event in the past year, most did not consult with an attorney. More than three out of four respondents dreaded calling a lawyer because they are too hard to find, cost too much and are “difficult” and “intimidating” to work with.    (Taken from Live More, Issue One, Magazine put out by Legal Shield)


A Family Need Legal Help With a Lawn Care Company

This is a real good example how affordable legal help can help an every day normal family.

A lawn care company came and sprayed a lawn for a home. Upon completion they left a bill on the front door. No one was home to verify whether they were supposed to actually spray this yard or not.

When the man of the house came home and saw the bill, he was not happy. He immediately called the company and informed them that he did not request his yard to be sprayed. The company replied saying that they did spray his yard and if he did not pay the $74.00 owed that they would take him to collection. He again said he did not request this service. The company did not seem to care that the service was not requested.

The young man called the Law firm representing Legal Shield. The Law firm sent him to a lawyer capable of handling this matter. A letter was written to the lawn company by the lawyer and the bill was dropped with a letter of apology.

The young man did not pay a fee for this service because he had a Legal Shield membership.

If he had not had the membership and access to good lawyers he might have paid the $74.00 and walked away. Who wants to pay a lawyer $200.00 per hour over a $74.00 bill.


Affordable Legal Help Has Come – You Can Now Feel Safe and Secure

Make a wise decision and find out how you can protect you and your family.  Click here for the information you need to make a good decision.

For as little as $17.00 a month you can have:

  • Personal or business advice on unlimited legal issues
  • Letters and phone calls on your behalf
  • Legal document review
  • Trial defense hours
  • Video law library
  • Legal forms service center

Don’t you think $1.00 a day is worth protecting your family for.  Again click here to get the knowledge you need to protect yourself and your family in the world today.

Let Justice tip the Scale for Lower Class Citizens

Click here and get peace of mind.


How To Feel Safe And Secure – Get Affordable Legal Help



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