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Working in the Home Ec department at the University of Idaho was a joy. I got along with the professors there and learned a lot. Learning new things have always been a passion for me.

Towards the end of that school year I was sent a notice by the government grant program stating that I had too many credits to continue with a grant. The government felt I should have graduated. I changed my major 3 times and did not have enough credits to graduate in any area and did not have enough upper division credits to graduate even in education. I knew going to school would not be an option for me next year unless I was able to work my way through. Not being trained in really much of anything that would bring in a lot of money I was kind of stuck.

For the up coming summer I applied for a job in the Law Library. I was hired to type library cards and shelve books. The Library was so very quiet. I had to push a large cart full of books down the isle. With every step I took my knee creaked. It was so embarrassing when students would turn and look at me.

It was a fun job because I met some fun people to work with. That job lasted until August when my husband to be and I moved.

There are millions of jobs out there to be thought of and found if we are open enough to look and explore. I will write later on other avenues I have explored.


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