Marketing and the fair

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Working on a business can be fun, but also challenging. A net work company that professes easy money is not really telling the truth. Some people have an aptitude for explaining a product or service to others and gain a following, then there are others who explain a product or service and hear, “Oh, that’s nice, I am not interested,” over and over and over again.

It is true that a net work company grows by numbers. That means if 100 people are shown a program maybe 1 or 2 might get involved. For some the number game is larger than for others.

There are literally hundreds of different net working companies. The net work marketing system is truly a good system and works for many people. The products and services from most of these companies are also very high quality. So how do we get this type of business to work for us?

That is an excellent question. I am still working on that. I do have to say that working on personal development has been the best thing I have gotten from trying different companies. The training many companies offer suggest many different books on self-improvement and how to become an excellent leader.

The first book I immersed myself in was “Seven Habits for Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey. The information was priceless. I put into my life style many of the suggestions that were covered in the book.

Another good read is “Think and Grow Rich”. ┬áReading the book explains the title very well. You cannot just go to bed and think, “I am going to be rich.” You can think it all you want but it will not happen with out effort. However, when you think something long enough, it will motivate you to do something worth while.

The title is Marketing and the fair, and I noticed that I have not included either in my writing yet. Well, where this is leading is I thought about attending the Idaho State Fair this evening and make it a point to meet people. Maybe, just maybe, someone will be willing to let me share with them a service that could fill a need they have.

Someone once told me that if I focused on helping people and meeting others needs then the rest just happens. Many folks have found a passion and focused on it and did very well.  Maybe they did not get real wealthy, but they ended up happy and satisfied doing what they love.

My love has been flute playing, sewing (alterations), knitting, and bike riding. There are many other things I love to do as well, but those are what I do most of the time. I am a music teacher so I do not charge very much for private lessons or alterations. I suppose I could make a better living charging more, but most of the people I service are friends or young students who really want to learn to play.

Writing has never been something I thought I would do. This Blog has been fun for me and I really enjoy writing on it. If I share my experiences and help others in the process then I will feel satisfied knowing maybe I have helped someone today.

Look for your passion and see where it will lead you.

Have a great day.

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