Music room = Educational Games

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The music room = educational games.

How, you might ask? Come to my room and check it out.

The fifth graders enter quietly and form a circle. There are about 30 large bodies that occupy the space. The teacher claps an 8 beat phrase using quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes and rests of different lengths. The class then echos back what the teacher

The ending of some Moravian folk song

has clapped. The patterns are not designated for clapping only, stamping, snapping and patting are also included.

Vocal warm ups come next. It is important to warm up the students vocal chords so their singing voices can be protected from damage. The warm ups also allow the students to work on their vocal range. Young students sing better using their high head voices, because their vocal chords are short.

Warm ups are fun and entertaining. In my class I make funny sounds up high having the students echo me. We sound like high pitched animals, sirens, and any thing else that might be silly. The new students look around to see if this teacher and class is for real. The others are laughing, not too loudly though because I want to hear what they are echoing back.

Next came the Educational game.

“Billy” was the folk song I introduced in 5th grade. The words are as follows:


Cross Down When Billy was one, he learned to jump and run, run Ollie, Ollie, run Ollie Ollie, half past one.

I will not write out the whole song because the melody helps make the song. There are 12 verses to this song and each verse starts with a number and has a rhyming word for that number. The number and rhyming word are longer in length than the rest of the melody. The students face a partner and on the words “Cross Down When” they cross arms in front of their body, pat, and clap, on the rhyming words they clap both of their palms on their partners twice and the back of their hands twice. The rest of the time they clap, clap right hands, clap own, clap left hands. That is what you call a clapping game.

One of the 5th graders, (a boy) refused to participate. He said with a scowl, “Why are you teaching us baby songs?”

“Good question,” I replied. “This song might be taught in the 2nd grade, but the 2nd graders do not have the coordination to play the game just yet. It really is an educational game in the sense that you have to really concentrate on the hand actions with the song. Singing and moving your hands and body stimulate your brain, giving you better brain power when you go back to your class room.”

He still was not convinced. So I challenged him to be my partner. He fumbled and tried, but it was a challenge. The rest of the class was having a good time, trying to accomplish the pattern, but I did give them the free agency to create an easier one if they chose.

When the song was over a light bulb went off in my head. I looked at the young man and said, “You did not think this was a baby activity, you were upset because you could not do it. It’s all right if you cannot accomplish it, the idea is to have fun.”

Some 5th graders have a hard time accepting that it is all right to have fun with singing games, but once we get playing, the whole class enjoys themselves. Of course, I always join them and show them how much fun I am having, and it is true, I do have fun playing the singing games with my students. It is fun hearing them and watching them have fun while they are stimulating their minds and bodies. They do not even realize they are playing educational games in the music room.

When you are looking for an activity for your family, come up with a fun singing game. It will bring your family closer together.

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