Need Help Before Signing Important Documents?

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Need Help Before Signing Important Documents?

Need Help Before signing Important Documents

Important Documents


How many purchases have you made that you were required to sign  important documents?

Did you read through the documents before signing?

Before you sign any documents you should read through the fine print. You do not know what could be lurking in the fine written words most institutions do not want you to know about.


Buying a Car and Documents to Sign

A friend of mine went to a used car dealership to purchase a car. This was his first car and he was very excited. He had visioned driving his own car for months now.

He found the car of his dreams. The car dealer was giving him documents to sign to close the deal. However, my friend had a phone number to call before he finalized the deal by signing.

The car dealer was anxious to get the deal closed but my friend insisted on making that call first.  The call went to a law office. The lawyers had the documents faxed and they read through the fine print of the documents needing to be signed.

The law office then called my friend, advising him not to sign until a certain paragraph was removed. The paragraph stated that there would be a fee added to the car payment that would pay for insurance to the car dealership should any thing happen to my friend, before the car was totally paid for.

My friend was very grateful for taking the time to fax these documents to his law office.


How Many Times Have you Signed Documents Without Reading Through Them?

Many times the fine print is hard to understand.

If you had a lawyer at your disposal would you use his service to read through your documents before you purchased? Would you be interested if you knew you could have that protection for a small monthly fee?

For as little as $35.00 per month you could have legal protection on your side.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a phone any time of the day and as many times during the day to ask a lawyer a question.

In today’s world it is hard to get information from a lawyer more than once without paying a large fee.

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Medical Insurance is so important that our Federal Government is making it mandatory.

Without car insurance you risk getting your license removed and in some cases, jail time.

It is not wise to have a home with out home owners insurance and it is wise to have renters insurance.

Don’t go unprotected legally.  The legal insurance protection for your family is crucial in today’s world. Grab up this opportunity and show your family how much you love them.

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Home Based Business Opportunity

Have you tried business after business where you have to stock up on products?

Many products are worth it, but there are many to choose from and a lot of competition out there.

Why not try something that does not have a lot of competition yet?


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Start the new year out right and learn to secure you and your family’s security.  Enjoy life and develop yourself a free financial future and time to spend the way you want.

Need Help Before Signing Important Documents?




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