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Have you ever noticed when you talk to others how excited they are to talk about themselves? If you really want to get some one interested in visiting with you ask about them. Do not just ask but actually show an interest in who they are and what they enjoy doing. Once you get them talking you are now learning about that person. If you listen attentively then you will be able to address them the next time with a question as to how they are doing in school, or business, or how one of their children are doing. When you show a real interest in getting to know someone and develop a relationship with that person, then you have made a friend and a person who will be willing to support you in your endeavour’s.

The other day I took my grand daughter shopping for school clothes. Two of her friends accompanied her and I. She did not need my opinion while having two other girls of like mind with her so I waited in a waiting area. In this waiting area was a husband and two small children. The smallest one was playing with his daddy. His father was tickling him and flying him in the air. The little boy had such a cute smile that I could not resist, so I began waving at him and he was responding. That left an opening for me to ask the father how old his son was. The father was so proud of his children that he proceeded to tell me about both children. I showed genuine interest in encouraging him with questions. He was a great father and the youngsters were very good and respectful. This was a segue into what he did to support the family. He proceeded to tell me and was proud of what he did but was searching for other avenues as well. I just happened to have a business card with me so I handed him one with a great web site to go to and watch a video about a venture that could be very profitable. He took the card, looked at it and thanked me for thinking of him.

The book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” gave me the courage to go out of my comfort zone and visit. It was actually very fun. I do not know if he watched the video or not, because I have not yet heard from him, but one step at a time. Next time I will ask if I can collect a phone number to call after he has watched the presentation.

Meeting people is fun. There are many things we can learn by going out and hearing what others have to say. It is amazing how nice people are when we are nice and show interest.

Try it and see how much fun it is. Have a great day.


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