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Improving ones lot in life is a noble thing to do. Learning and growing plays a large part in improving ourselves. It baffles me when people are down on their luck and they do not search for a way out. This is where it gets a little tricky, because maybe they are doing everything they can to make things better, but people around them cannot see what they are doing. I do not think it is right to judge, but on the other hand, some people seem to just give up.

A neighbor across the street from me became a good friend. When I met this person he was working full time and in the evening enjoying his guitar playing. He would invite my

A Friend in Need from Dogs Playing Poker

A Friend in Need from Dogs Playing Poker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

children and me over to listen to him strum his music he composed. It was fun to share the similarities of music. He was inspiring me to dust off my guitar and learn a few chords.

One day he hurt his ribs at work and was laid up for a few months. He laid around accomplishing nothing waiting for his ribs to heal. During that time a life long companion of his (his dog) passed away. My friend was in a real funk. Not only did his ribs bother him but his heart was hurt.

His daughter felt a need to help him adopt another dog. This dog was a handful and had a habit of destroying every thing in its path. My friend is very good with animals and felt he could help this little dog. The dog was getting the better of him though. He stopped working in his yard, he stopped cooking, he stopped playing his guitar. His cat then passed on.

Now life for him was getting pretty dark. After many months of caring for this misbehaved dog, the dog became very ill. This animal also passed away. I believe my friends sole passed away as well.

His job is a constructionist. He knew jobs were getting scarce, but he stalled looking for other work. Kept putting it off, hoping things would pick up. Things did not pick up, so he stayed home, smoking, drinking, and watching television. His place was becoming dark and dreary.

His neighbors home had a house fire, which did severe damage to his home as well, now he had to stay some where temporary until his home was put back. He moved in with me. Things just did not seem to work out for him. He, of course, did not speak to me about his finances because it was not my business, we were not married.

After his home was put back he wanted to continue staying with me. Financially he has not helped out, but he does help in the yard if I instigate and when I work around the house he feels guilty so he will put in his time to help me. When I am gone though, the television is on 24/7 and he starts with his drink around 12:00, sometimes sooner.

A few months ago I learned he had stopped payments on his home and the bank is taking it away. What I do not understand is why did he not try to do something to save his home? Why did he not find a storage place for his belongings, when he knew things were going to be taken away? What makes a person give up on life and everything around them?

Working hard is a part of my being and when I foresee the future as maybe becoming challenging I work hard to find an answer and a way around the hard and difficult times. When I knew child support would stop, I made sure I acquired a degree for a higher wage to replace the child support that would no longer be available. When income became tighter, I replaced a larger home with a higher payment for a smaller home and a doable house payment. Planning ahead and goals are always an answer for future success.

Journal writing, reading good up-lifting books, becoming acquainted with good people who are encouraging and fruitful in their lives, keeping our bodies and minds healthy and always seeking the good are all great ways of self improvement. Our heart and souls need to be watered and cared for daily so we can be motivated to continue to grow and develop into beings with a sense and purpose.

My search for better led me to the Multi marketing world. For every multi marketing company there is great training for personal development. If one is not interested in multi marketing, getting in for the personal development aspect is worth it. I also found people within these companies to be people worth spending time with. Many were not making the big bucks, but they were all developing goals and dreams, their work ethics were admirable.

Legal Shield became the company I chose to be a part of. I have had the membership now for 8 years. What inspired me to have this membership was my family. I wanted to draw up a will so upon my time of death my family would not have to worry about where everything was going. Drawing a will with a reputable lawyer can be very costly and with Legal Shield it is free with just the cost of the monthly membership. Legal Shield lawyers will also update the will or trust fund free of charge every year.

The trainings and personal development have become a lifestyle for me. The personal

English: me and my friend

English: me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

development has made me a better teacher for the students I work with every day. I can honestly say that I care for each of them. It is my goal in life to be a good influence and help someone out each and every day.

If you are interested in checking out the membership of Legal Shield go here:

It is not for everyone, but I have benefited. Have a great and fulfilling weekend.

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