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During my children’s nap time I sewed and crafted. Every November in El Paso, Texas we had a craft fair in the home of one of my friends. I would prepare items for that fair.

Cabbage Patch dolls became very popular in the 1980′s so I thought I could monopolize on that as well. I began making doll clothes to fit these very odd looking toys. Many families were interested in supplying me with fabric so the clothes would match their little girl clothes. It was a lot of fun crafting and creating. Then the pre-made doll heads came on the market.

Making the bodies of the Cabbage Patch dolls was a lot of fun. Sewing, stuffing, and stitching the little dimples on the legs, arms and sculpting the hands and feet became a favorite past time. I was paid to make these dolls for various families. One year I earned a little over $300.00, just enough to have a good Christmas for my children.

Of course, I made two girl dolls and one boy doll for the three children I had at the time. My husband was not happy with me making a doll for my son but the two girls were older and my son always played with them. He enjoyed playing house and I knew he would make a great father some day as he played with his doll.  I was right. He is a father of three boys now and makes a great father.


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