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Being a full time mother is a full time job. Women who are able to stay home while raising a family truly understand that statement. I used to look at women who were raising children and working a full time job as well, and would ask myself, “How do they do it.” I was so grateful I did not need to.

A day came when my husband was no longer in the military. He was having a difficult time finding work, then when he did find work, he was not making the money we needed to raise our family of 5 children. He came home one afternoon and stated, “You are going to have to find a job.”

“A job?” I asked. “I am not qualified to make a descent living. I have been a mom for 12 years. We have two preschoolers, what would I do?”

“I do not know but you need to look,” he replied.

Searching and seeking was very difficult. I spent many an evening in tears. I did not want to take my time away from my children. What could I do? Then a light bulb went off. Maybe I could substitute teach. That way I could keep the same hours as my children.

It was easy obtaining an application. Because I had an associate degree in music I was qualified to substitute music classes K-12. That worked for me. My husband worked at night and three of my children went to school during the day. He would need to watch the two younger boys while he tried to nap during day, then when I got home from school he could sleep a couple of hours before going to work. Maybe that would work out.

Subbing was a challenge the first couple of months. Being a mom and not an aggressive person, discipline was not a strong trait of mine. I began watching other teachers and trying to copy their style of dealing with behaviors. It was nice to have mentors to watch and observe. I also made a file of songs and games my mother taught me while growing up that I could teach to the elementary children.

My favorite group to sub was the orchestra groups. Those students were better behaved students and enjoyed showing me how well they could play. I am not a string player and tuning them was not easy, but other students were anxious to help out.

Junior high band was very challenging. Those students were not very well behaved and were very loud and obnoxious. One group was surprised when I showed up again. However, by the end of the year they were better.

What helped to gain the older students respect was the fact that I had decided to return to school the next year to study and become a real music teacher. I needed a scholarship to afford school. To receive a scholarship I needed to play my flute. I worked up the Mozart Concerto in D Major and asked all of the students I subbed for if I could play for them. That impressed most of the classes of all grade levels.

For two years after that I had several students all over Boise ask if I received my scholarship. I proudly replied, “Yes I did, thank you for being such a good audience. That helped me very much.”

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