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Attending the Idaho State Fair was actually very fun. I went hoping to meet people and I accomplished that deed.

The night was fast approaching and the evening was warm so I chose to enter the buildings that housed the 4H projects and other displays. The building was nice and cool, the displays were colorful and fun, and there were a few people milling around.

Knitting is a passion for me and I enjoyed looking at the many projects that were completed and displayed. I especially looked for the big blue prize winning object. They are amazing to see.

My wanderings led me to the toll painted area. A couple of women were there waiting for on lookers. They had a little table set up so observers could have the opportunity of trying their hand at painting. I thought that would be a fun thing to do, so I sat down and the woman helped me in painting a butterfly book mark. The ladies there were excited about my interest and invited me to a club meeting in September. I thought, why not, it is a good place to make some relationships with others.

There was a cooking show advertising very expensive silver pans. I would need to sell many memberships, do many alterations, or teach 60 flute students to afford that set of cook ware. The pots and pans were very impressive though.

It was fun meeting a few new people and watching the crowd as they enjoyed the fair displays. I was able to observe all I wanted as I attended this event alone. I did not feel alone and left out though, my intent was to meet others and I accomplished that. It was worthwhile for me.

Speaking of memberships, I have a membership that is very worthwhile. I needed a letter written by a lawyer once who charge me $400.00. That was a very expensive letter, especially since I was the one who located and found all of the information that was to go into that letter. The letter did serve it’s purpose but I ended up making payments for the next several months.

A membership was introduced to me that would have saved me the $400.00 dollars. In fact, the monthly membership fee for a year did not even add up to the total of $400.00. I was interested and got myself that membership. If you readers are interested in knowing how you can save some money check out:

The membership has helped me numerous times and I believe every one could benefit from this service.

Have a great day and see how many people you can help today. I know I am.

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