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Sewing was a hobby for me that I was able to make a little cash from. I also enjoyed typing.

While in college I developed my typing skills and typed for many friends. I really did not use it as a source of income until I began typing doing work study. Typing became fun and challenging for me. I am a flute player, but found my fingers moving more quickly over the typewriter keys than they did across the top of my instrument. So I felt more successful as a typist.

Raising children can be expensive and my husband always took care of the money and bills. I found a way to earn extra cash by sewing and typing. Typing skills were paid for back then because it was before the use of computers.

My eyes were opened and I learned many things by typing for people. Some papers were not appropriate for children. A person was writing short stories and needed them typed. He brought them over to my home one afternoon and I read through a couple while he was there to make sure I would not have problems reading his writing. My checks turned read and I began to blush. These stories were rated X and it was uncomfortable reading them in front of this person. I looked up from his papers and said politely, “Leave me your number and I will call you if I have a problem with any words in here.”

He left thanking me. That evening I began typing. Oh my goodness. I could not believe these stories, they were way out of my zone. It was a relief to have finished them and have them picked up. I placed them in a large brown manila envelope so no one coming by would accidentally see them and read them. While paying for my services he thanked me again and admitted know one else was willing to type his stories for him.  I understood why.

Back then some typists were not very accurate. Around 8:00 one morning a young lady who was a college student called me frantically and said, “Please I need help. I had a lady type this paper for me that is due today and when I picked it up, there were holes in it, erase marks and her children left peanut butter smudges all over it.”

I said, “I have 5 children, two are in school and three are under the age of 5. It would be impossible to type 25 pages in a couple of hours with my children under foot.”

She replied, “I will babysit and pay you to type. I am desperate, please.”

“All right,” I replied.

She came over as quickly as she could drive. I introduced the little ones to her and she was good to her word. I finished her paper before 12 noon.  She even fed the children lunch.

Nothing feels better than doing a job well done. Some one said to me once that I was a perfectionist and every thing I did seemed right. I said, “Not really, I am not a perfectionist, I just do not make mistakes.”

Of course that statement is not accurate either. As you can tell by my writing, I have noticed misspelled words and inaccurate use of language, but I do get satisfaction out of knowing that what ever I do, I do the best I can. From being a custodian to being a waitress or cook, or librarian or music teacher, if we do the best we can we are successful. We do not need to be perfectionists, just hard and conscientious workers.

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