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Work study was new to me. I learned that with a work study grant you are given a certain amount of money you can earn. Since I was majoring in Home Ec that year in Moscow I was given a job in the Home Ec department.

When I first started working there I was in a room with a couple of other students who were also typing papers and running around for the professors. I did typed several tests and handouts on a manual typewriter. I have always been picky about my work. Erasing looked bad and smudges were not acceptable so I learned to type accurately. I also spaced well so the papers were easy to read.

The professors were so impressed with my work that every one of them wanted me to type their papers. I felt important.

That year was a 100 year celebration for the Home Economics department. The Department wanted to type up a book with pictures and stories about how it got started on the campus. Because I was typing so well, they asked me to do the job for them.  They allowed me to use the IBM Selectric in the office after hours.  I could not use it during the work day hours because it was for the paid secretaries. When my grant money was used up and there was more typing the department paid me. I was pretty proud of myself.

The year in Moscow was the first year I was not actively pursuing music. I did start out in band, but because I was not a music major I was put into a beginning band. It was not challenging enough for me and so I chose not to continue.  I also signed up for private flute lessons, but again because I was not a major of music I was given a private teacher who was a student. She was not an exceptional teacher and was trying to change my embouchure to look like hers.  That did not last long as well.

I decided to focus on sewing and other skills related to Home Ec. I took a weaving class that I really enjoyed.  I was able to weave on huge floor looms and small table looms. I wove some very nice pillows for Christmas presents that year.

I also took a beginning sewing class. I did not feel I needed a beginning class because I grew up learning to sew, but after being in the class I was very excited about learning what I was learning. I gained knowledge in how to put zippers in different ways, how to finish off the inside seams in various techniques, and how to make my garments look better.  The only thing I regret is that I did not take the opportunity to take the pattern making class.  I would have really enjoyed that.

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