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I graduated from Ricks College.  In the summers in between school I cooked at the Dude Ranch Cafe. The summer before going to Utah State University I also cooked at the Cafe.

I attended Utah State as a student one year. I majored in Elementary Education with a minor in humanities. I loved the art classes, theater classes, and literature.

The second year I did not have the funds for schooling, so I found a job. I worked on campus for the transcript department. My job was to type up envelopes and find the transcripts for students and mail them out. I loved the job. The woman I worked with was a lot of fun. We were always laughing.

I made $300.00 per month that year. Not a lot of money compared to what we live on now, but I thought I was doing quite well. My job was supposed to be on salary, but the person over me would not do that for me.  In the spring time I was getting restless and thought, if I cannot be put on salary then I want to go back to school.

Being an Idaho resident, Idaho schools were financially cheaper for me than Utah schools, so I applied for the University of Idaho in Moscow. I was given a grant for the next year along with work study. I put in my resignation slip.

Karl Lamburt, my boss, brought me into his office. He did not want me to stop working and promised to put be on salary.  By that time I had all ready accepted the grant and told him it was too late.

During my time at Utah State working on campus I was able to play in the orchestra. I am a flute player and I had the opportunity to play with a couple of very fine flute players. That was an excellent experience.

Logan, Utah was a lot of fun and there are many places to camp and back pack. During the winter I even had the opportunity of cross-country skiing.  I realized that was a sport I really liked doing. It was the first time my feet never got cold in the snow.

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