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Upon graduating from Ricks College in 1974 I moved to Logan, Utah. I became room mates with my sister who is 13 months younger than I. That was in interesting move because when we were living at home we did not ever see eye to eye. We were determined to make this work though.

The first year of school for me was going to be paid for with a school loan but I needed spending money and rent money. Looking for work was critical. I did not have a car so I walked the streets 2 or 3 miles from the apartments.

Pizza Hut was a new establishment and was hiring waitresses. I rushed over to apply and was fortunate enough to be hired. Being a very social person, I really did not treat it as a job, but as having fun at work. I enjoyed visiting with the customers and flirting with the young men who came in to eat.

One Saturday I was working alone and not prepared for the stampede of customers coming in. I rushed around and could not visit. People were getting frustrated because it was difficult to be in two places at the same time. The cook and I called the manager and convinced him we needed more help. That day changed the way I looked at waitresses. I realized that a good waitress knows how to organize and arrange seating so she can be more efficient to her clientele. I learned there were many more skills I needed to know to be a better waitress.

Two months after working at Pizza Hut was when Utah State University hired me to work in the transcript department. I was hoping for a job such as that, because when you are fortunate enough to work in a University you can take classes for a very low fee. That job started on my birthday and the last day of the job was exactly a year on my next birthday. I was not fired though, I transferred up to Moscow, Idaho  in hopes of obtaining an education in Home Economics. I was really searching for a job in motherhood.

Have a wonderful day and love where you are working or try to work at what you love to do.

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