Welcome to the New Year

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New Year

Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to the New Year

Every New Year is a year for change.

What do we want to Change in the New Year?

Good question.

What do we really want to change when we approach a New Year.  I met a fellow last year.  On the second date he wanted to marry and combine everything I had with his. We are talking about bank account, monies, and everything.  Thing is, he wanted me to sell my home, throw out everything I owned (so he implied) and move in with just a few clothes from my closet. He had bought a large, spacious, two story, four bedroom home recently, furnished every room in the house the way he wanted it. That was a great thing he could do for himself, but there was one thing missing – a woman.  He wanted a woman to fill in the blanks.  However, there was no room in his home for her to move her belongings and memories into that home. He made a point saying he did not want someone to move their items – or junk – into his home.

Why would I make such a huge change for someone I did not even know?

The prospect of someone wanting to take care of me sounds appealing —at times—- but to what expense.  When a change comes like that, you lose the ability to make your own choices.  Only an individual who has nothing and nothing to share would maybe jump at that drastic change.


Choose Your Changes very Carefully for the New Year

We all have the ability to change for the good – and bad if we are not careful.  This person told me very strongly that he needed my caresses, he needed my kisses, he needed to feel loved and wanted.  We might feel like we have a need for another person to fulfill our desires, but do we really?  That is a very good question. Let this New Year be the year you fill your own desires so you will be stronger for others.


Look To Yourself

Your needs can be met within yourself. In fact, no one else will be able to fulfill your needs better than what you can do.  It is nice and wonderful to have another person dote over you and love you, but until you know how to love yourself and meet your own needs, no one else will be able to fill the empty need inside of you. A complete home, furnished and spacious will never fill a need inside of you. Another person can not fill the need inside of you.


How to Find What you Desire?

Another very good question.  How do we find the needs inside of us?  Only ourselves can answer that question.  You must take time to look inside of yourself. Get to know you the way you would get to know someone else. Find out what you like to do and what you want to know.  Take time to enjoy yourself by yourself. Do things that make you proud of you, meet people who make you feel good inside.  Learn to love yourself, by yourself.

When you truly learn to love yourself, then you do not need someone else.  Then being with someone else is nice and good.

Let this New Year be a journey of getting to know who you are, who you really are.  If you like who you are then you are half way there, if you find things you do not care for then take time to reflect on what you can do.

Have a wonderful New Year, full of happiness and good things.  Life is beautiful if we allow it to be.


Welcome to the New Year


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