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During the 12 years I was married I gave birth to 5 beautiful children. My husband was active duty military and we lived in a variety of places. Germany for five years, El Paso, Texas for 5 years and Panama for 2 years. The experiences were fun and adventuresome.

It is not easy being and mom and working a job as well. Mothering is a full time profession. The pay comes in rewards of many different factions. I used to watch friends of mine work and raise children. I would shake my head and think, how do they do it. I was working full time maintaining a strict schedule, keeping the home clean, feeding children, playing with them putting them to bed and trying to find a time for myself to relax.

Actually a strict schedule is the way to go.  It was the way I held my sanity during this period of my life. I got up at 6:00 in the morning and took my shower before anyone else woke. I washed down the shower stall and cleaned my bathroom every morning after my husband went to work. I made my bed and prepared myself for the day.

My mother woke us up to the smell of breakfast every morning so I did the same with my children. I started breakfast around 7:00 am every morning. We had a variety of breakfasts: cereal, pancakes, waffles (that was one of their favorites), rolled up pancakes (another favorite), eggs and bacon, and sometimes fresh homemade donuts.

During the school year the older children helped clean up breakfast and make their beds before heading out the door to school. It was nice having the home cleaned up by 8:00 in the morning. I used the next hour to clean up and dress up the remaining babies.

Around 9:00 I would figure out what was going to be for supper. If it was something I could make ahead of time I would get it ready. It was nice to have supper planned out ahead of time. By doing so it freed up the afternoons so I could play with the children.

Mornings were good. The children were rested from the night before and played pretty good on their own with few arguments. Laundry and dinner preparation was simple during that period of time. Lunch came quickly at 11:30.

When lunch was finished and cleaned up the children, even the older ones had two hours of quiet time. The little ones always fell asleep. During this period of time I was either able to take a short nap and work on what I wanted to do or not do the nap. This was the time I did sewing, yard work, or craft items. I loved this time of day.

After quiet time and everyone woke up, I would take the children outside and play. Sometimes we would go to the park to play, find a swimming pool to swim, or play with neighborhood children.

Dinner preparing and finalizing came around 4:30. Dinner was generally around 5:30 when my husband came home from work. The children helped clean up dinner dishes.

Toys and clutter were picked up and bath time came around 6:00. Bed time was 7:00. The evenings were also my favorite time of day. I was able to sit down and watch my favorite TV shows or visit with the children’s father. As the family grew older they all thought 7:00 was too early to go to bed, but my mom used to put us to bed at 5:00.  My mom did that so she could do the house work after we were in bed. I felt 5:00 was way too early, 7:00 was just right.

That schedule worked for my family every where we lived. It was easy to accomplish a lot of errands during that period of time. I did not hold a full time job, but I will fill you in next time as to how I brought in extra money as I stayed home and worked the full time job of being a Mom.

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